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What's Hip-pie

These are the latest  trends of the hippie-freak style that has graced the 90's. Some are old favorites that have come back full force.

Hair Mascara:

The newest way to put funky colors in your hair. It's so easy to streak your hair with a mascara wand that you will use it all the time. I use Avon ©
Color Trend Hair Mascara.


Please click on the gothic necklace to go see my web pal's hand-made  Gothic Jewelry.  I made her site for her.

Funky Clothes:



Awesome Cosmetics:

Check out these two cool cosmetics  companies. They have strange colored nail polishes, eyeshadows, and tons more.

*Note: Hippie-Freak is a term that I coined and must not be used unless you get permission from me.
                                             Hippie-Freak 4-Ever © 1998 by Tara 'Tarhippie'