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Hot Issues

Here are just some of my opinions on certain subjects. I don't ask that you agree with them, but I do want you to respect them. 

Join the fight against drugs! Just because hippies used drugs to stay mellow, that doesn't mean the hippie-freaks of the 90's have to follow in their footsteps. I would suggest that if you want a groovy experience try astral projection. Please display the graphic above on your site to get this point across.

Art, Music, and Caffeine
Are My Only Drugs! 

I really love nature. Don't you? Keep Mother Earth clean and healthy for years to come. Pick up trash you see on the ground, don't waste water, don't contribute to toxins in the ozone layer, and love animals.  Sound simple? Well it is, so get to it.

This is my dog, when she was just a pup.

*Note: Hippie-Freak is a term that I coined and must not be used unless you get permission from me.
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