Hippie-Freak 4-Ever

Peace & Love to all the wonderful people out there. "Hippie-Freak" is a name I coined for describing a 90's hippie. It's a wonderful mix of old day hippies and the freaks (goths) of present day. This is a new twist of style in fashion, music, and beliefs.

I'm not much of a fad follower anymore and I've developed my own self. It's quite true that most people nowadays want to be unique. Although it's great to know the latest trends that we can incorporate into our own personal style. I provide the you the most current info on what's "Hip-pie" on my "What's Hip-pie" page.

There are many people from the past and present that have inspired me. Click on their picture to go to a site made by someone I think shows great admiration for them. I urge you to check it out because some of  those that I list might be your favorite people too. 

Since I wasn't around during the 60's I didn't experience the music. So, I never fell in love with the music of that time. I do have my own favorites of my time and rather go back in time I've grown to love the music of today. Confused? Well, I have a page that contains my favorite singers and groups of the 90's. Can you imagine that I'll be listing my favorite singers and groups of 00's real soon, hee?

I'm very opinionated, which can be a flaw. I made a page where I discuss different issues. They are discussed my on "Hot Issues" page.

Please enjoy your visit and come back anytime. Peace & Love to all!

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*Note: Hippie-Freak is a term that I coined and must not be used unless you get permission from me.
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